Bangkok Post Breaking News: Not Even Worth Reading Its So Bad

thai protests december 2013

Even violent Thai protests weren’t able to completely stop Thailand’s economic growth in 2013.


After reading The Bangkok Post Breaking News section yesterday, I have to say it isn’t something most people should take too seriously. After all, when each ‘breaking news story’ is poorly researched, chockful of erroneous and misleading information, politically biased and, in many cases, plain and simply wrong, it’s amazing an English language newspaper of this poor caliber and with such poor ‘journalists’ manning it has operated as long as it has in Thailand.

Doom and gloom from The Bangkok Post while reputable news agencies report otherwise

Case in point today, the Bangkok Post Breaking News section is running a story about economic growth in Thailand, which for the fourth quarter of 2013 came in at 0.6 percent. A fact that was celebrated by most reputable news agencies as, with political protests in Bangkok that have been going on for almost four months, figures for economic growth for the fourth quarter were expected to be much much worse.

In fact, the BBC’s Asian news segment was even congratulatory at how strong the Thai economy obviously still is, as it has struggled quite valiantly against massive anti-government protests and falling tourist numbers. Particularly as Thailand’s growth rate was 2.9 percent for all of 2013 — far higher than most western economies, I might add.

The Bangkok Post, on the other hand, started their story on the situation with the headline ‘Q4 growth slows to 0.6%‘ and then continued on with a doom and gloom breaking news story that said the Thai economy grew at ‘the slowest pace in the last two years’ (coincidentally, a time period they obviously chose as it began right after the government of the last failed Thai prime minister, Abhisit Vejjajiva, a prime minister the Bangkok Post champions again and again even though he’s one of the most unpopular PMs Thailand has ever had).

The story then goes on to muddle information together from the value of the Thai baht as of 11am this morning, to comments from the president of Toyota’s Thai unit about the economy that say absolutely nothing, and speculation about future tourist numbers possibly being on the decline – all in the same paragraph and with little linkage to each other. And frankly, making little sense — except as a way to paint a picture of the Thai economy that is far more gloomy than the actual situation appears to be.

Other news agencies are better sources for news about Thailand

That’s why I always say, if you have a yen to do a search for ‘Bangkok Post breaking news’ stories, please, do yourself a favor and get your information about Thailand, the Thai economy and Thai politics from much more reputable sources (The Guardian, the BBC, the New York Times) instead, and not from a second-rate newspaper whose pro-Democracy party stance and anti-Pheu Thai government bias screams from just about every story they publish. Even the innocuous ones.