Bitter/Sweet Wins Award at Phuket Film Festival

Screenshot from Bitter Sweet


Finally, after more than a month of waiting the Phuket Film Festival in Thailand announced its award winners and new Thai-US movie ‘Bitter/Sweet’ won one.

Filmed entirely on location in Thailand with amazing cinematography around Koh Samui, ‘Bitter/Sweet’ is about the Thai coffee industry and stars James Brolin, Kip Pardue and Mamee Nakprisit.

Weirdly, ‘Bitter/Sweet’ isn’t getting particularly great reviews but I’m dying to see it just for the cinematography and the fact that it’s filmed in Thailand (love to support Thai movies). 

Update — By the way, if you didn’t get a chance to see Bitter/Sweet at the movie theater, it is currently available on DVD at Amazon. I highly recommend you buy it as it really is an excellent Thai-American movie.


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