Buying Genuine Crocs Shoes in Bangkok, Thailand

crocs store siam bangkok

The Crocs store at Siam Discovery in Bangkok, Thailand


Personally, I’ve never understood why you would buy ‘genuine Crocs’ shoes in Bangkok, Thailand. Considering the thousands of stores selling fake Crocs for very cheap prices, that is. But, if you prefer to buy genuine Crocs shoes in Thailand, you’ll find plenty of Crocs stores in Bangkok.

To me, Crocs are just rubber shoes that are exactly the same whether you buy the genuine Crocs shoes in Bangkok or head to MBK or Chatuchak Weekend Market and pick up the fake kind. And, with fake Crocs being so cheap and ‘real’ Crocs being so incredibly expensive in Bangkok (1,850 baht or $63 for rubber shoes), I’ve never had the impetus to buy them.

Me? I own a fake pair of light blue Crocs that I bought about five years ago for 200 baht (at the conversion rate then, about $6). I’ve worn them forever, including wading through three feet of water in them when we had the Bangkok floods last year and, yes, they’re still going strong.

They’re comfortable, they don’t seem to wear down much, even at the soles and, they’re washable — making them the perfect shoes for schlepping around Bangkok. That’s why, for me, fake Crocs will always be the way to go.

But…..if you prefer to buy genuine Crocs, it is possible to buy Crocs all over Bangkok at one of the many Crocs stores they have here.

My favorite Crocs store, just because of the design, is the one on the 4th floor of the Siam Discovery Center. They have a great selection of shoes and, as I’ve never actually seen a customer in there (everyone is out buying fake Crocs instead), they never ever get crowded.

Plus, they have funny window designs (see photo above).