Chatuchak Weekend Market Closed October 28th-30th, 2011


If you were planning on doing a bit of cheap shopping at Chatuchak Weekend Market this weekend, unfortunately you’re out of luck. The market will be closed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (28th-30th of October) due to possible flooding. It’s also a long weekend, and many Thais are leaving town, afraid they’ll be flooded out if they don’t.

As it turns out, it’s highly unlikely the ChatuchakWeekend Market area  will see any flooding this weekend but, on Wednesday, Froc (there’s that useless ‘flood organization’ again) were saying floods likely to reach Chatuchak area by Friday, so people got spooked. It’s now less than one hour away from Saturday morning and still no floods and none anywhere near. But…..sellers at Chatuchak decided to close anyway (you can’t blame them really after all the fake news, lies and unverified ‘experts’ giving their opinions about the flooding situation in Bangkok this week).

If you’re looking for other cheap places to shop though, instead of Chatuchak, don’t forget about MBK (Mahboonkrong) mall at National Stadium near Siam Square in Bangkok. Lots of things to buy there, and much of it similar items as are sold at Chatuchak.