Good April Fool’s Joke On Thai Visa – And, Yes, I Fell For It

Like the silly twat that I sometimes am, I, along with about 10,000 other farangs fell for a likely April Fool’s joke on They made a post this morning (see my post here for my response) with a supposed ‘news report’ stating that a new law would be coming into effect in Thailand this year banning any foreigner over 50, men and women, from marrying a Thai.

Again, like a silly twat, I believed it (well, come on, if you’ve lived in Thailand as long as I have, nothing should surprise you when it comes to the sometimes-idiocy of the Thai government – so, yep, it could happen), and immediately mouthed off in a post on this site.

No word yet from – but a few other farangs have also sussed out this is probably a superb April Fool’s joke from ThaiVisa.

What finally keyed me in? The supposed Ministry of Interior spokesperson was called Tawatchai Suksoom (Twat, Yes  Sucks Some?)  Hello! Yep, took me about four hours and a kindly comment here by a reader to figure out – nope, probably not true.

My apologies to any Thai official who I might have badmouthed. But, then again, apologizing to the Thai government because THIS time they didn’t make some idiotic decision about farangs? Nope, maybe not.


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