How to Cook Authentic Massaman Curry the Thai Way (Video)


Although I love most Thai food, my absolute favorite is Massaman Curry. I could literally eat this spicy, potato-loaded curry until my face goes as orange as it’s delicious soup. Really I could. That’s why I wasn’t too surprised to see Massaman Curry named as the worlds number one best food by CNNGo late last year.

In an article entitled “World’s 50 most delicious foods”, CNNGo had Massaman Curry as number one, but also included three other Thai dishes on the list. Of course, the list is subjective as everyone’s taste is different, but to see four Thai dishes on there was nice.

After the CNNGo “World’s 50 mos delicious foods” list was published, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) put together a series of videos on how to cook each of the four dishes on the list in an authentic Thai way (I love the TAT – they’ve become so innovative with the videos they produce).

This video will show you how to cook Massaman Curry the correct way. The two chefs also talk about the health benefits of Massaman Curry, loaded as it is with delicious Thai spices and herbs. In fact, don’t let the oil that appears on top of the soup at preparation make you think this is an unhealthy meal. That’s not true at all.

Once you’ve followed the recipe and learnt how to make Massaman Curry, eat it with salted egg, if you can find it. That really brings out the taste of the curry even more.