Is It Safe to Visit Bangkok, Thailand in February, 2014? No, Absolutely Not

gun fight in bangkok thailand election pdrc thugs suthep

Screenshot of Bangkok Post website showing PDRC anti-government protesters shooting at pro-government supporters. They are wearing green armbands, reserved for journalists to keep them safe, so putting the lives of innocent journalists at risk as well.


Is it safe to visit Bangkok, Thailand in February, 2014? Put simply,  no, it’s not. Visiting Bangkok, Thailand in the early part of February is not something I would recommend to any of our readers as, with current political violence spiraling out of control, with gun battles on Bangkok streets, bombs being thrown, and the military and police standing by and doing nothing, Bangkok is quickly becoming a city out of control.

PDRC anti-government protesters fired at people trying to get into buildings to prepare for today’s general election yesterday, and currently have many polling places surrounded so that people who do want to vote are not able to.

Thais who do not support the PDRC anti-government protesters (and that is still most of Bangkok) are getting increasingly angry as they are not being allowed to vote by these so-called ‘peaceful’, ‘pro-democracy’ protesters. That anger, if left unchecked, could explode and the circumstances become dire.

The situation currently happening is what Suthep, who must be Thailand’s biggest liar, promised would not happen. He promised voters would be allowed to vote. They are being stopped from even entering polling places in some areas of Bangkok by his anti-government, anti-democracy protesters.

He promised the protests would be ‘peaceful’. They are not. Some of his anti-government protesters now carry guns and shoot at other Thais who are doing nothing but trying to exercise their right to vote. An American photo-journalist was injured in the shootings yesterday, along with a number of Thais.

During Thailand’s general election, Bangkok is quickly turning into a city where you don’t dare walk the streets anywhere near a protest site or a polling station (and they are in many areas of the city) in case a gun battle erupts or a grenade attack happens in the middle of the afternoon.

My area of Bangkok, a normally bustling middle-class neighborhood, is now on a Sunday afternoon like a ghost town. There are no cars or people on my usually busy street and everyone I know in the neighborhood has elected to stay at home in their houses as they are worried the violence will escalate.

If you are a tourist, a business person or planning on coming to Thailand to work or teach, I recommend you do not do so in the early days of February.

Stay away and visit another area of Thailand instead, or another south east Asian country, until either the situation calms down, or there is yet another military coup (which could happen in the next few days or weeks if the situation deteriorates even more).

Bangkok, Thailand in the early days of February, 2014 is unstable, volatile and, quite frankly, bordering on dangerous in some areas of the city.

Visiting Bangkok, Thailand in early February, 2014? No, not recommended at this time.


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