Mae Nak 3D Trailer: Thailand Movie Release 23rd February, 2012 (Video)


Mae Nak 3D will be released in Thailand on 23rd February, and this should be a scary one. Based on the famous Thai ghost Mae Nak (in Thai, Lady Nak), there have already been two versions of the story, the 1958 version Mae Nak Pra Kanong (Lady Nak of Pra Kanong), and the most recent one released in 1999, Nang Nak (Miss Nak), which let me tell you scared the bejeezus out of me)

In the latest version, it’s the same story of poor Nang Nak who dies while giving birth to her child while her husband is away at war. The child is stillborn But, when her husband, Mak, comes back from war he finds his wife and child alive and he happily continues on his life with them.

Neighbors meanwhile try to warn him that his wife and child are dead, and the ones he lives with are ghosts but, every time they do, they meet a nasty end.

Will Mak find out about his family, or will he too meet the same fate?

Watch Mae Nak 3D and find out. And yep, 3D…….it’s gonna be scary! It’s also the first 3D horror movie made in Thailand so, just for that, well worth a watch.

Mae Nak 3D stars Bongkot Kongmalai and Rangsiroj Panpeng, and was directed by Pichai Noirod and Chotipan Nitiwat.

And yes, Mae Nak 3D was supposed to be released in November last year but, because of Bangkok’s floods had to be postponed until now.