Ong-art “Aerk” Lederer Luk Thung ‘Pey’ Video Too Sexy for Thailand

Having women fondling their breasts is Aerk's idea for a good way to sell his music.

Having women fondling their breasts is Aerk’s idea for a good way to sell his music.


It seems like, in Thailand, there’s some sort of scandal every week, but this week’s scandal involving Thai-German singer Ong-art “Aerk” Lederer and a luk thung video is even bigger than normal.

Just in case you’re one of the three people in Thailand who haven’t heard yet, the scandal started last week soon after a luk thung video Aerk Lederer made was posted on YouTube.

Thais started to find it, circulate it to their friends and leave negative comments on the video page as well as hitting the ”Thumbs Down’ button in many cases. The video soon went viral. Why? Simple put, Aerk’s song ”Pey“or ‘Perfect” ‘(เป๊ะ in Thai) is just too sexy for luk thung and far too sexy for conservative Thailand.

Now even though I’ve lived in Thailand for years, I’m pretty open minded. So, when a Thai friend forwarded Aerk Lederer’s “Pey” video to me to find out what my opinion was, my first thought was it was nothing more than Thais being too conservative.

But…..after having viewed just the first couple of minutes of the 4-minute video, I was already agreeing with those who were saying Aerk’s video is just not appropriate for Thailand. So inappropriate is it, I didn’t even watch it through to the end as I hate giving views to someone who makes Thai women look that cheap.

Let’s face it too, when the only way you can sell your music is to have four young Thai women wearing nothing but bras and skimpy underwear cavorting across the screen, rubbing their breasts, pouring milk all over themselves and sucking on a banana while looking sexually stimulated — seriously, you might want to rethink your music career.

Luk thung, by the way, is the name used for Thai country music. It’s the backbone of the Thai music industry and taken very seriously by millions of Thais. So, to see their beloved luk thung music being dragged down to the level of an American pop video designed by Lady Gaga really isn’t thrilling many people that much.

You can’t really blame them, especially as Aerk admitted he did it deliberately to “gain some fame”.

The video, meanwhile, has around 654,000 views on YouTube with 6,723 people giving it the thumbs up, while 2,015 people gave it a definite thumbs down.


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