Shambhala: Music Video Showcases This Thai Movie’s Beautiful Soundtrack (OST)


One thing I always notice when I watch Thai movies is how beautiful much of the music is. One of the newest Thai movies to be released in Thailand, Shambhala, is no exception. Not only is it gorgeously filmed and well acted, but the soundtrack to Shambhala really is lovely.

Here’s one of the tracks from the movie, just released a couple of weeks ago. Shambhala, by the way, stars Ananda Everingham, Ase Wang, Nalintip Permpattarasakul and¬† Sunny Suwanmethanonm, and was directed by Panjapong Kongkanoi. It’s still showing in most ¬†movie theaters in Bangkok and other areas of Thailand so, if you’re in country and have the chance to see it please do. It’s a beautiful piece of work, and really quite touching.