THAI Airways Staff to Join Anti-Government Protests – Don’t Book a THAI Airways Flight

thai airways


If you care about a reliable Thai airline and one that isn’t involving itself in damaging political demonstrations in Thailand, it looks like THAI Airways is an airline to avoid.

After all, an airline that allows its employees to take two days off to join anti-government protests isn’t an airline you want to be supporting with your money – what with possible flight cancellations, staff whose minds are elsewhere, and what about the pilots might I ask? Would they rather be protesting than flying the plane you’re on?

You might want to think about that before you fly THAI Airlines on November 28th and 29th when THAI staff will be joining anti-government protests in Bangkok.

Honestly,THAI Airways has never been a favorite airline of mine but, after the news that THAI Airways staff may be joining the yellow shirt protests, it will be a cold day in hell before I ever buy a plane ticket on THAI Airlines again.

That’s because I don’t support companies that are supporting an illegal overthrow of a democratically elected government. Sorry.

On the flip side, however, employees of State Railway of Thailand (SRT) and Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA) will not be joining the protests or be given time off to do so.

Now there are two transportation companies that care about Thailand, whereas THAI Airways management only seems intent on adding to the damage Thailand is already seeing by supporting anti-government protests. You’d think an airline that brings tourists into Thailand would have more sense than that, wouldn’t you?