Where is Bangkok’s Longest Elevator? It’s Actually SE Asia’s Longest

terminal 21 escalators

One of Terminal 21’s escalators, which goes up four floors if you want to take the ‘express’ way.


I was at Terminal 21 in Bangkok the other day with a Thai friend, and commented on the length of the massive escalators there. Terminal 21, in case you’re not aware, is a relatively new Bangkok shopping mall that has been designed around an ‘airport’ theme, and with each floor representing a different country. It’s an awesome mall, one of my favorites, and has some of the longest escalators I’ve ever seen.

Surprisingly though, Terminal 21 does not have the longest escalator in Bangkok. That is actually located at Bangkok’s MRT underground train line at the Si Lom Station and, as I can attest to, it is incredibly long.

The escalator at Si Lom Station, however, is not only the longest escalator in Bangkok but also the longest escalator in Southeast Asia measuring a huge 43 m (141 ft) in length, so you can only imagine how long it is. It goes down a total of about 66 feet, by the way.

The length of the escalators at Terminal 21 are still very long, and because they are open at both sides I think they seem even longer. Actual length-wise, though, the Terminal 21 escalators come in at just 36 meters.

If you ride them, don’t miss checking out the view either. On one side, you get to see much of the mall as you go up four floors, while on the other you can see outside to the BTS skytrain station through enormous floor to ceiling (nine storeys) windows. It’s really quite spectacular.

terminal 21 escalators 2