Who is Funding the PDRC and Suthep’s Anti-Government Protests?

chang beer

Looks like a boycott of possible PDRC-funding companies doesn’t stop with Singha Beer – copyright kallerna, Creative Commons License


Who are some of the alleged funders of the PDRC and Suthep’s anti-government protests?

Occasionally the Bangkok Post has some information well worth reading, and today is one of those days. A list of who is allegedly funding the PDRC and Suthep’s anti-government protests or, at least, some of them.

That’s because the The Center for Maintaining Peace and Order (CMPO) was going to release a list of more than 130 companies and people that are currently, or have been in the past, funding the PDRC and Suthep’s anti-government protests. Apparently, they’ve now decided to hold off publishing the list but….a list of 32 companies and individuals allegedly funding the PDRC has been leaked anyway, and the Bangkok Post published them.

So, who are these companies and people funding the PDRC anti-government protests? Here are the names of the 32 that are alleged funders:

The companies named are:

Saha Pathanapibul Plc, Gaysorn Plaza, Siam Paragon Department Store, King Power Group, Dusit Thani Hotel, Siam Intercontinental Hotel, Riverside Hotel, Mitr Phol Group, Wangkanai Group, Boon Rawd Brewery Co, Thai Beverage Plc, Yakult (Thailand) Co, Neptune Co, Thai Namthip Co, Muang Thai Life Assurance Co, Hello Bangkok Co and Metro Machinery Group.


I’ve already joined the boycott of Singha and Leo beer and everything else Boon Rawd Brewery produces, and it looks like I’ll no longer be drinking Chang beer either (no worries, there are plenty of imported beers to choose from in Bangkok), or anything else Thai Beverage produces.

I will not be shopping at Siam Paragon department store, buying Mitr Phol or Wangkanai sugar or drinking most bottled drinks in Thailand, as Thai Namthip bottles many of them. Yakult milk is also now off my shopping list.

I will be avoiding buying anything at Gaysorn Plaza (although I rarely go there anyway, as the stores at Gaysorn are outrageously overpriced), nor will I ever stay at another Dusit Group hotel, at the Siam Intercontinental or at the Riverside Hotel (weirdly, I’ve stayed at all of them in the past).

As for Neptune Co., they produce bottled water none of which I ever buy, so I’m safe there already.

Of course, it’s not possible to boycott every product these allegedly PDRC-funding companies produce, but it’s certainly possible to stop buying many of them. Plus, as there are many alternative products out there, as well as tens of thousands of imported products, it’s easy to stop buying Thai brands whose companies you suspect may be funding the PDRC and Suthep. I’ve been doing it for months.

As for the individuals who are funding the PDRC and Suthep?

These are alleged to be:

Chumpol Suksai, Chalerm Yoovidhya (Red Bull fame), Pramon Suthiwong, Khunying Kallaya, Nuanphan Lamsam, Wimolphan Pitathawatcha, Dr Pichet Wiriyachitra, TayaTeepsuwan, Sakchai Guy, Krisana Mutitanant, Pol Gen Kitti Rattanachaya, Chitpas Kridakorn (formerly Chitpas Bhirombhakdi, but one and the same person) and Issara Vongkusolkit.


Do with this list as you will, but as someone who despises the PDRC and Suthep, and everything they are doing against democracy in Thailand, it will be a cold day in hell before I buy any more of these companies’ products or have any respect for the people listed here, as long as there is any chance they may be funding the protests.

This list is also interesting as, when you see a list made up of some of Thailand’s richest people, and of Thai mega-companies that are worth billions of dollars, it doesn’t take much of a leap to figure out that funding anti-government protests has nothing to do with ‘democracy’ or ‘being against corruption’, but has everything to do with keeping the money and power in the hands of the ultra-rich and away from Thailand’s poor.



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