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19-Year-Old Transvestite Fined for Topless Dancing for Ayutthaya Songkran

The only 'allowed' version of photographs of Sarawut dancing topless


Thailand’s double standards rear their ugly head again as a 19-year-old transvestite was fined for doing a bit of topless dancing in Ayutthaya during Songkran last week. The transvestite or ladyboy, Sarawut Suparb, had gone out with friends, had a few drinks and climbed on top of a speaker truck to dance. He took his top off at his friends urging and danced ‘bare breasted’. The problem with this is, on his legal ID he is still listed as “Male” so how is it wrong for Sarawut to dance topless when his male friends can? Sure, he has breasts, but they’re implants so they’re really not breasts at all.

Of course, Thailand’s morality police were out on force as were the old biddys who complained about him. So, even though only 100 years ago most Thai women in Ayutthaya were topless, as that was Thai culture at the time, nowadays show a bit of fake boob in Ayutthaya and you get fined.

Sarawut was fined 500 baht (around $16) for his topless dance.

As many people on Thailand’s comment boards are saying though, it’s far more immoral that Thailand’s police are constantly taking bribes, that more than 200 people die in Songkran drinking-related accidents every year, that 3 people were murdered in separate incidents this year, that famous Thai politician Newin Chidchob imported Japanese porn stars for his massive Songkran party, and that underage drinking is not stopped. Apparently, in Thailand, stopping fake boobs being flashed is more important.


This is what Thailand's Ministry of Culture, you know those guys who are always banning things because they are 'immoral', had as their website banner. That is, until people starting pointing out it was hypocritical and then it was taken down.