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Abhisit Complains He’s Being “Bullied” By Red Shirts – Dude, Grow a Pair

Abhisit with US Under Secretary William Burns in 2010 - copyright public domain/US government

You have to wonder about a prime minister who makes statements he’s being “bullied” by red shirts/Pheu Thai supporters – the opposition group that, let’s face it, can’t stand Abhisit and loves Thaksin Shinawatra.

Abhisit’s complaints about being bullied happened after 200 protesters attended several of his planned events in Samut Prakan on Sunday. The protesters apparently hurled some abusive words at Thailand’s current prime minister, resulting in him leaving his planned campaign stops early and calling his main opponent, Yingluck Shinawatra to ask her to tell the red shirts to stop bullying him.

Sadly, THIS is the prime minister of Thailand.  In any western country he’d be laughed off the political stage. Calling a woman to get her to stop him from “being bullied”? What western political leader would ever do that? None.

Instead of calling a woman to come to your aid, how about this, Abhisit? Stand up for yourself, man and grow a pair.

This is one of the problems though with Thailand’s so-called ‘democracy’ (in reality, Thailand is as far away from a ‘democracy’ as is Communist China – most Thai officials don’t know the meaning of the word). Politicians expect to be able to attend political rallies, have everyone love them, there be no dissent and everyone goes home happy.

In a true democracy, that’s not going to happen and anyone who’s prime minister should know better. Particularly one who was educated at Oxford University.

I mean, really. Whining you’re being bullied. How old are you? Ten?

Meanwhile, Yingluck Shinawatra, cool woman that she is, simply responded that she didn’t send red shirts/Pheu Thai supporters to bully him so couldn’t tell them to stop.

And Abhisit wonders why he’s getting his ass kicked in this election. Dude. I don’t like you, and even I feel sorry for you.


See The Nation’s Story on this.


English Lesson: For Thais who don’t know what “grow a pair” means. It’s English slang and is short for “grow some balls” – meaning, “be a man”.


Video of some of the red shirt/Pheu Thai protests:

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