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Alcohol Ban in Thailand on Saturday and Sunday – Pre-Voting – No Booze Allowed


As a visitor or expat in Thailand, you may find it a little strange when you try to get a beer at a bar or a cocktail with your meal on Saturday and Sunday. Surprise! Nobody will serve you one. Sales of alcohol in Thailand are always banned on election days as well as on pre-voting days and as Sunday is a pre-voting day for Thailand’s general election, no alcohol will be served after 6pm on Saturday until midnight on Sunday.

This means, any restaurant you eat at cannot serve you alochol. Most bars will be closed, as there’s no point opening for people to drink Coke (They don’t! They just don’t come). And, if you try to buy a six-pack at the 7-11 or supermarket. Sorry. You’re out of luck.

Of course, some places will still sell you booze but, those places are few and far between nowadays. It used to be police turned a blind eye to tourists and expats buying alcohol on voting days as, after all, we can’t vote. But in the last couple of years there’s been a crackdown and, if caught selling booze to you, the store owner can face a heavy fine.

So, stock up on your booze today before the ban begins at 6pm on Saturday. Saturday night might be a good time to stay home with a six-pack, a couple of videos and your honey.

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