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Alcohol Sales Ban All Over Thailand, Saturday From 6pm and Sunday Till Midnight For General Election

Just in case you are one of those farangs (foreigners) in Thailand who can’t live 24 hours without booze, or a Thai who’s forgotten about general election alcohol laws,  there is another ban on alcohol sales all over Thailand from 6pm tonight till midnight tomorrow. Why?

Tomorrow is July 3rd – Thailand’s general election day, of course.

After last week’s pre-voting day alcohol sales ban, we have had several farangs ask us why Thailand always bans the sale of alcohol before and on election day.

In the past, it’s mainly been because they don’t want alcohol to be used by parties running for political office to bribe people into voting for them.

Plus, they don’t want people showing up drunk to vote or forgetting to vote completely because they are in bed with a hangover.

So, as a reminder, there will be no alcohol allowed to be sold at any bar, club, hotel, restaurant, cafe, 7-11, supermarket or any other store selling booze from 6pm tonight and all day tomorrow.(Bet Thailand’s bar, club and restaurant owners are sooooooo happy!)

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If you want alcohol, and that includes beer, wine, spirits – any booze at all – you have just less than three hours left to buy it before the ban goes into effect.