Bangkok Bank ATMs: The Worst in Thailand?

bangkok bank website

Bangkok Bank’s website – which I’ve also had problems with in the past


I’m not a fan of Bangkok Bank. A Thai bank I had accounts with for several years, it was always the bank I had the most problems with – Bangkok Bank ATM problems, account problems, high fees, website problems, ridiculous rules etc – so I finally closed down my accounts about six years ago and moved onto Kasikorn Bank. And, yes, I love Kasikorn.

That being said, I periodically still use Bangkok Bank ATM machines with my overseas ATM card, as they’re one of the few banks in Thailand that still allow me to withdraw up to 25,000 baht at a time (most other Thai banks only allow 20,000 per withdrawal, which increases the fees they charge if you’re forced to do two withdrawals when you should only need one).

In fact, I’ve been using Bangkok Bank ATMs to withdraw money from my overseas bank account for years but, yet again, another problem with Bangkok Bank ATMs this week has now forced me to stop using them and use Kasikorn Bank’s ATMs instead.

So what’s that problem?

Starting just a few days ago, Bangkok Bank ATMs now seem to have a problem reading my European ATM card. So much so, every time I try to withdraw money through a Bangkok Bank ATM, I get the message “Card information incomplete. Please contact your bank”.


That’s funny as I’ve used the same ATM card at Kasikorn Bank (today) and at Siam Commercial Bank (yesterday) and their ATMs read the information on my card and gave me me the cash I requested.

Yet again, it seems Bangkok Bank ATMs are still inferior to other banks ATMs. (They’ve previously wiped all the information off my ATM card – twice – sucked up my card and refused to give it back, mandating an outrageous Bangkok Bank charge of 300 baht ($10) for a new ATM card, or they’re just out of money or out of service).

Bangkok Bank ATMs, the worst in Thailand? Well, they’re definitely not the best, that’s for sure.