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Bangkok Boat Fares Increasing by 2 Baht in March, 2013

Bangkok boat trip
My trip on a Bangkok boat a few weeks ago — it’s rush hour, so standing room only, but still incredibly fun.


Planning on taking a Bangkok boat trip? If so, you might want to know boat fares in Bangkok will be increasing in the middle of March by two baht per trip, or approximately 7 cents. You can’t really complain, though, as boat fares in Bangkok are still one of the best deals in the city and haven’t been increased in years.

For a typical Bangkok boat trip from a pier in the north of the city in Nonthaburi to one in the south of the city, like Saphan Taksin or Tha Pra Athit, if you take an express boat the fare is going to increase from 20 to 29 baht per person, depending on which pier you get off at, to a new fare of 22 to 31 baht.

Non-express boats in Bangkok are, of course, cheaper and will remain so. Fares, which currently run between 10 to 14 baht depending on where you get on and off, will increase to 12 to 16 baht. Still an amazing deal, and half the price of a typical Sky train fare for often double the distance traveled.

Personally, I think not only does The Chao Phraya Express Boat Company does an incredible job with all Bangkok boat trips, but the prices are phenomenal for what you get. An interesting view, a mode of transportation that’s far more ‘typically Thai’ than a taxi or the sky train, boats that are on schedule all the time, and an amazing and fun way to avoid Bangkok’s horrendous traffic.

In fact, if I ever recommend traveling to places in Bangkok to friends, family or anyone else visiting the city, if it’s possible to get there by boat on the Chao Praya and it’s easy to get to a pier, I tell them to take the boat every time. Try it. You’ll love it.

And at less than a dollar a trip for most trips, when you factor in you can travel as far as 20 kilometers or even further for around a buck, you don’t get a much cheaper deal than that. Even in Bangkok.