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Bangkok Government Schools Won’t Re-open Until December 13th

Thai kids will not be happy about extended school hours - copyright andrijbulba, Creative Commons


As high flood waters still persist in Bangkok, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has announced 91 schools under their jurisdiction won’t reopen until December 13th. On top of that, schools that do reopen on December 6th will have five hours of classes every Saturday until March 3rd to make up for the lost hours.  I’m guessing that will be yet another loss to Thailand of many of its foreign teachers, who already make the lowest pay rates in Asia and, on top, some of whom have not been paid for the seven extra weeks schools were closed due to flooding. The kids are probably furious too.

For those schools that don’t reopen until December 13th, there will be five-hour classes every Saturday from December 10th to March 3rd and every Sunday from December 18th to January 15th. I’m guessing those schools will lose even more foreign teachers, as most have plans over the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Teachers will also be expected to teach an extra hour a day Monday through Friday until February.

Honestly, as an ex-teacher, I can vouch that, overall, Thai kids really don’t learn that much at school. The education system in Thailand is appalling, and even when they’re at school, the kids spend so much time at “Sports Day”, rehearsing for concerts, Scouts and lots more in between, there’s not a lot of actual time spent in the classroom. So, whether these poor kids, and their even worse off Thai and foreign teachers, are forced to go to school on the weekends or not, the kids still won’t learn anything worth anything.

On top of that, it will never cross the minds of most of these Bangkok schools to divvy up the hours so that each teacher doesn’t have to come into school on every Saturday for months. Nope, every teacher will be mandated to come in every weekend at most Bangkok schools. That’s just how Thailand works.

But hey, according to many schools, at least these kids and the foreign and Thai teachers got “a holiday already” during the floods. Yeah.  Wading through waist-high water. Some holiday.

Amazing Thailand, eh?