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Bangkokians Bored with Suthep and PDRC Protests:Wish They’d Go Home

Bangkok PDRC anti government protests
Bangkokians are so bored with PDRC anti-government protesters


I had to laugh yesterday when I talked to a Thai friend who, only a few weeks ago, was highly supportive of Suthep and his PDRC protests. Now, she’s so bored with Suthep and PDRC protests she quietly told me, if he gets hit by a tuk-tuk and takes a few PDRC supporters to the hospital along with him, she really doesn’t care.

So, why is she, and so many other Bangkokians I speak to, so bored with Suthep and the PDRC protests? Because they’re constantly around the neighborhood she lives in with screechingly loud megaphones, yelling and screaming about Yingluck and the Pheu Thai government and why they should be removed.

The noise and the constant PDRC protests are destroying her peace and quiet, and making her neighborhood a pain in the rear to live in. Needless to say, when the Thai police started dismantling PDRC protest sites earlier on this week, she was one of the first ones cheering them on.

Of course, Suthep and his PDRC protests have lost tens of thousands of supporters in the last couple of weeks.

So bad is it now, when you go to any of the PDRC protest sites nowadays, it’s just a few die-hard straggly looking protesters sitting around, or small groups of bored housewives trying to look like they care what happens to the PDRC protests and that they’re absolutely sure Suthep is going to win.

When you ask them quietly what they really think, however, most of them just want to be able to go home and stay there, as they secretly know Suthep has already lost the fight.

As for me, a small group of PDRC protesters are currently near the soi I live on screaming into a microphone. The people who live on the soi itself? We’re all completely ignoring them or giving them dirty looks when any of them appear. Hopefully, they’ll soon get the message and bugger off back home.

Now wouldn’t that be nice?