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Bye Bye Big C Extra, Hello Gourmet Market and Foodland


After a month of shopping at the new Big C branch on Ladprao, formerly Carrefour and now a Big C Extra, and giving them a long enough chance to provide me with good service and high quality products, as of today I will no longer be shopping at Big C Extra on Ladprao. From now on, all my grocery shopping will be done at Gourmet Market and Foodland. Why?

Because Big C Extra does not seem to be able to provide fresh vegetables, they don’t sell many of the items I always bought at Carrefour, and their prices have already increased, so on many items they are now more expensive than Carrefour used to be.

I’ve shopped at Carrefour on Ladprao three times a week for seven years. Carrefour always had fresh vegetables, every item I normally buy was usually in stock, there were many imported products and the store was clean.

Today at Big C Extra? Brown, old and rotting vegetables. As I have rabbits,  I couldn’t buy any vegetables at Big C Extra today as what they had in stock were not fresh, so my rabbits would not eat them. Instead, I had to make an unplanned detour to Tesco just to be able to buy vegetables my rabbits wouldn’t turn their noses up at.

On top of that, Big C does not seem to stock Kraft mayonnaise, only the cheap Thai brand that is too sweet, and none of the cookies I normally buy were in stock.

A pack of three boxes of tissues is now 17 baht per pack more than they used to sell for at Carrefour. As I buy four packs a week, that is 68 baht a week more expensive at Big C Extra than at Carrefour. Just for tissues.

Loaves of soft bread have also gone up in price by 3 baht from the regular Carrefour price, and the size of the loaf is now smaller. Does Big C think we won’t notice?

On top of that, I detest the bright green design of Big C Extra. It looks ugly, cheap and tacky. Is it a detriment to my shopping experience? If Big C had good prices, high quality vegetables and stocked what I normally buy, it would not bother me that much. It does, however, add insult to injury to what is a thoroughly unpleasant shopping experience at the Ladprao location of Big C.

So, unfortunately, after seven years of shopping at Carrefour on Ladprao, as of today, I have to say “Bye Bye Big C Extra and Hello Gourmet Market and Foodland”. Both of these stores sell everything I need and they also manage to stock fresh vegetables. Something Big C Extra wouldn’t seem to be able to manage if its life depended on it. So…not a difficult decision really.

Carrefour – I miss you.