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Civil War in Thailand Coming Soon? Democrat Party Asks EC to Dissolve Pheu Thai Party

Yingluck Shinawatra wins Thailand’s general election by a landslide


If you want proof the Democrat Party care absolutely nothing about Thais and Thailand, all you need to do is read the latest story in the Bangkok Post – “Democrats Seek Pheu Thai’s Dissolution”. It seems,  the Democrat Party will never be graceful losers.

Instead, even though they lost Thailand’s election by a landslide, the Democrat Party’s legal team say they are now seeking the dissolution of the Pheu Thai party through the Election Commission. If this succeeds, Thailand will be in the middle of a civil war in weeks. Mark my words.

And what is the rationale of the Democrat Party in this EC filing? According to them, banned politicians such as Thaksin Shinawatra and Thai Rak Thai deputy leader Chaturon Chaisang were “involved” in the election campaign and, under Thai law, this means the party should be banned.

You have to wonder about a political party that are such sore losers and can’t admit to themselves or anyone else that most of Thailand doesn’t want them. A party that, instead of bowing out gracefully, will push Thailand to the brink of civil war, just to get what they want – total and complete control of Thailand.


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