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Could Thailand Military Coup Get Violent? Bloodshed and Deaths?

siam intelligence expect the worst


While nobody knows what will be the eventual outcome of the Thailand coup, many people are already asking will this military coup in Thailand be the same as the peaceful 2006 yellow ribbon coup, or will it get violent? Will there be bloodshed and deaths?

Of course, nobody can answer that question but, if you consider the very same Thai military was responsible for the deaths of almost 100 unarmed Thai citizens during anti-government protests in Thailand in 2010, sure, it’s definitely possible.

Currently, the Thai military junta is saying they have instituted a military coup to aid with peace and political stability. Other than some of the delusional pro-Suthep supporters in Bangkok who think a coup is a ‘good thing’, I don’t know any Thai who actually believes this.

What they do believe, however, is that this military coup was a carefully orchestrated act to overthrow an elected government (Pheu Thai) and to oust the caretaker prime minister, while pretending they’re not supporting the anti-government side  And, all done in the guise of ‘forcing anti and pro-government forces to talk’ and, then, of course arresting them all when they showed up to meet.

For an interesting and probably quite accurate look at whether the Thailand military coup could get violent, read this article from the Siam Intelligence website. Called “Expect for the Worst“, they have a very quick analysis of what they think happened in the last few days in Thailand, and what could very well happen in the near future.

Makes a lot of sense to me.