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Coup Coming To Thailand After July 3rd 2011 Elections? Wouldn’t Be Surprised

No coup? Yeah right. Funny how nobody believes these guys.


As anyone who is Thai or has lived in Thailand for a long time will tell you, a military coup can happen in this country at the drop of a hat. While high-ranking Thai generals keep saying “No coup will happen” after Thailand’s July 3rd general election tomorrow, much of the rest of the world seems not to believe them.

Now, the Bangkok Post is reporting all three Thai armed forces have been put on “standby”, supposedly over the continuing Preah Vihear mess. But those with suspicious minds might be forgiven in thinking the Thai military is getting ready for yet another military coup if Yingluck Shinawatra is elected as Thailand’s new prime minister tomorrow, (and she will be!).

As for international investors in Thailand, it’s also not surprising the Thai baht has weakened over the last couple of weeks and investors are beginning to think about taking their money out of Thailand. After all, during Thailand’s last coup, the country lost billions of dollars in foreign investment, while the Thai military ran the economy into the ground.

A coup coming to Thailand after tomorrow’s general election? I’m not a betting person but, if I was, I know where I’d be betting. And it wouldn’t be on a stable democracy.


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