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Democrat Party to Unveil 30 Celebrity Candidates, Showing Elite Continue To Control Thailand


In any developed country, a push forward of a huge group of ‘celebrities’ and ‘heirs of political families’ as viable new political candidates in a general election would be seen as ‘elitist’  and ‘benefiting the rich’. That Thailand’s Democrat Party is proudly announcing they’re doing just this, tomorrow, shows how far removed from the lives of normal Thais they are. And they wonder why working-class Thais won’t vote for Democrats and why Thaksin is so popular?

What boggles the mind even more is that the Democrat Party’s head, prime minister Abhisit Vejjajiva, was Oxford University educated? What did he learn there? Because it sure as heck seems to be nothing but the benefits of elitism and sticking-with-the-rich or corrupt.

Look out for tomorrow’s event to kick off at Thammasat University, where 30 ‘young Democrats’ will be introduced and Abhisit himself will be posting messages live on Facebook.

Me? I’m off to make sure I didn’t ‘friend’ him on Facebook and to delete him from the people we follow on Twitter.

Thailand, I love. Elitist politicians. Not so much.

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