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Earth Hour 2010 Not Held in Thailand: No Lights Out in Bangkok

Lights stayed on in Bangkok, Thailand for Earth Hour 2010 - copyright Wikimedia Commons/Alter


For the last couple of years, Bangkok, Thailand has participated in Earth Hour, turning out the lights in major buildings with many Thais also personally taking part.

But, this year, Bangkok didn’t participate in Earth Hour 2010. Why? It’s actually simple (but, to most of us living here, makes no sense).

Over the last two weeks, there have been massive anti-government demonstrations every day, with another one held yesterday, a few hours before Earth Hour 2010.

Apparently, the Thai government of Abhisit Vejjajiva decided, in all its wisdom, it would be safer to not have the lights turned out for Earth Hour 2010 while anti-government protesters are still in Bangkok. Makes sense? No.

First of all, when the lights go out, it’s not exactly pitch black now, is it? In Bangkok, the major buildings usually have their lights turned off, but street lights and all the smaller buildings, shops etc. keep their lights on.

Secondly, although Bangkok has had several grenade attacks in the last couple of weeks, all targeting government buildings or police stations, none of these grenade attacks have been linked to the red shirts, the anti-government protesters (in fact, many people think supporters of the government are to blame in an attempt to discredit the anti-government protesters who have remained peaceful).

Thirdly, as the lights stayed on for Earth Hour 2010 in Bangkok, several more grenade attacks were heard throughout the city. One at the 11th regiment army barracks and another one targeting a local TV station.

So…….duh, Thai government. Not turning off the lights for Earth Hour 2010, didn’t exactly work now, did it?