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Extremely Disturbing Video of Thai Police Blown Up By Bomb in Southern Thailand

Thai military and police seconds before a bomb explodes


If you are at all squeamish, do not watch this video of Thai military and police officers being blown up in southern Thailand. It shows the violence you find in many places in sourthern Thailand, with bombs being an often weekly occurrence.

In this video, you see Thai police and military officials inspecting a motorbike with a bomb planted on it. The motorbike explodes while they are standing over the bike. At least one of the officers was seriously injured, with burns over a large part of his body.

You have to wonder at the mentality of much of the Thai police and military though. Whereas in any developed country, police officers wouldn’t be just poking around a bomb trying to see what it is, here in Thailand it’s pretty much the norm. And then they wonder why so many of them are injured or killed?


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