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Facebook to Blame For Teen Pregnancies in Thailand? The Stupidity Boggles the Mind


If you’re in Thailand long enough, one thing you miss is intelligent stories in newspapers, and reports from governmental agencies that have any basis in fact. Because, in Thailand, many newspaper stories in English are written by people who seem to have the logic skills of a five-year old and, as for governmental officials — well, you only have to read the garbage most of them spew on a daily basis to see what their intellectual capacity is. About the same as a Japanese, Korean or western 10-year-old.

So, when the latest governmental agency report about Thailand’s teen pregnancy rate blames Facebook and Thai newspapers start to report it as fact. Really, it’s not surprising.

But, according toThailand’s National Economic and Social Development Board (NEDSB), it’s because of Facebook that Thailand now has one of the highest rates of teen pregnancy in Asia. Yep, Facebook is to blame.

The NESDB then goes on to say that people in the age group of 18-24 are the biggest group of Facebook users in Thailand, which right there and then moves anyone with logic skills away from “Facebook is to blame”. After all, 18 may be technically a ‘teen’ but, by law, it’s actually the age of an adult. So that doesn’t fit the ‘blame Facebook’ camp for teen pregnancies at all.

The NESDB then says the reason these teens end up pregnant is because they post “seductive messages or video clips” online. Again, the logic. Oh, the logic. Where the hell is it in Thailand?

Out the window playing with the rest of Thailand’s abysmal education system and backward medieval attitude, that’s for sure.

Because, after all, Thailand’s growing teen pregnancy rate can’t be because sex education classes in Thai schools have been drastically reduced in recent years, or because Thai parents don’t teach their kids about contraception now can it:?

No. See that would make logical sense and we are in Thailand, after all. Land of Blaming Western Culture for Everything and Refusing to Take Responsibility for Anything.

The lack of logic and critical thinking skills in Thailand just makes you want to cry. Especially when the lack of them are at the root of so many of Thailand’s seemingly insurmountable problems; a country that is, after all, pretty wonderful.