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Former Thai PM Abhisit Still Under Protest for Stupid Bitch ‘E-Ngo’ Comment

abhisit dumb bitch comment


Abhisit not apologizing for ‘stupid bitch’ comment

Former Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejajiva has had a problem in the last couple of years when it comes to knowing when to keep his mouth shut. Particularly when it’s in connection with the current Thai PM, Yingluck Shinawatra who it’s obvious Abhisit has no respect for.

But Abhisit’s latest comments about Yingluck Shinawatra went overboard even for him this week. So much so, Abhisit is now the subject of protests just about everywhere he goes after he made a ‘stupid bitch’ (in Thai “e-ngo“) comment many Thais believe was directed at Yingluck. He, of course, refuses to apologize.

When did Abhisit say the ‘stupid bitch’ comment?

The problem began earlier in the week while Abhisit was giving a speech and mentioned a new Thai reality TV show ‘Smart Lady Thailand’ that is being promoted by Yingluck Shinawatra. He then said if there was an ‘e-ngo’ (stupid bitch) show “no one could compete with her’ — not mentioning Yingluck by name but obvious enough to leave little doubt as to who he meant.

In fact, read the actual statement Abhisit made after mentioning Yingluck and see for yourself:

But I ask why do they do this project, why do they have to find a smart lady, why do they make a competition out of this? Because if they are looking for a stupid bitch, there would be no competition!

Women all over Thailand have immediately jumped to Yingluck’s defense and accused Abhisit Vejjajiva of being a woman-hater. Abhisit and the rest of his Democrat cronies are denying that’s what he meant but, come on, who else was he talking about?

Protests against Abhisit’s ‘stupid bitch’ comment in and out of the Thai parliament

Yesterday, several Thai female Pheu Thai MPs even pointed blame at Abhisit during a session in the Thai parliament, and crowds of other Thai women protested against his ‘stupid bitch’ comment outside.

Then again, what does he expect? You make a disrespectful comment like that about the current Thai prime minister who just happens to be a woman, and think women in Thailand will just ignore it? Not the Thai women I know.

As they say in Thailand, “Som nam naa”. Serves you right.

In fact, I’d go as far as to say it’s not Yingluck Shinawatra who is the ‘stupid bitch’ here, but Abhisit Vejjajiva who is the ‘stupid’ one as he simply doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut.

Then again, who cares? Yingluck Shinawatra still has the support of a huge percentage of Thais, while Abhisit Vejjajiva’s popularity and credibility is falling every month. Pretty soon he’ll be completely in consequential. Won’t that be nice?