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Hundreds of Bangkok’s CCTVs Fake Former Bangkok Governor Apirak Admits

CCTV camera - copyright Arenamontanus, Creative Commons


If you spend enough time in Thailand, you learnquickly most of Thailand is nothing more than “style over substance”, meaning it looks good, but it rarely work. That’s why it’s hilarious, and typical, to read the latest news article from the Bangkok Post reporting a statement by former Bangkok governor Apirak Kosayodhin who says hundreds of CCTV cameras put up in Bangkok after the New Year bombings are actually fake.

Apparently, according to Apirak, the government couldn’t afford all the CCTV cameras they needed at the time, so they shoved up a bunch of fake ones as a deterrent.

Oddly, this does sometimes happen in other countries, although not on the massive scale of the Thai fake CCTV cameras, with at least 500 cameras around the city being fakes. But, in most other countries, they don’t then announce that most of their CCTV cameras are fake. After all, if you do, what possible deterrent are they after that?

Shockingly too, the fake CCTV cameras weren’t much use to Bangkok residents around the city after they asked for footage from the cameras for use as evidence when a crime had been committed. Of course, at the time, authorities had to tell them the cameras were “broken” rather than admit they were actually fake.

Seriously. Only in Thailand.

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