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I Hate the Internet in Thailand: Slow, No Connections, Constant Website Blocks

slow internet thailand


I hate the internet in Thailand. It’s terrible . The slowest internet I’ve ever experienced, in the more than 40 countries I’ve lived in or visited, at least once a day I want to throw my computer out of the window (or more likely throw the CEO of the current Thai internet company I use out of the window — that would probably be more useful!).

Take today for instance. The 1st of January, 2013 and my internet sucks! I’ve been online for three hours trying to download one file but that, of course, is an impossibility in Thailand much of the time as Thai internet is so slow and constantly disconnects. Today, being a holiday, it’s even worse.

Of course, Thai internet companies will tell you that’s because too many people are using it. Of course, that’s not even remotely true. After all, today I got online at 7am on January 1st, when most of Thailand is still in bed. But…..my internet……… still………. doesn’t……….. work.

I often wonder how business people, especially from countries like Japan, Korea, America, and just about every country in Europe, manage when they come to Thailand to set up a business.

They’re used to fast internet in the country they live in. Internet which you can use to upload or download just about anything, and not the internet censorship in Thailand that leaves more than 200,000 websites blocked because the idiot government thinks they’re ‘offensive’. (Meaning people say things on them the Thai government doesn’t want people in Thailand to know about — education? What’s that?)

Most foreign business people must be blown away when they arrive in Thailand and realize just how slow internet in Thailand is and just how inefficient their business suddenly became.

Then add in the fact that Thailand can’t even get it’s act together to get 3G internet, something much of the rest of the world has and it’s amazing anyone can get online in Thailand.

Like a Thai friend of mine said yesterday “Even bloody Laos has 4G internet and Thailand can’t even get 3G – God, I live in the world’s most backward country”. Some days, I have to say I agree with her.