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If You Want Lies About Bangkok’s Floods Read “The Nation”

More garbage from The Nation - screenshot 11:25am October 31st, 2011 - almost 2 hours after this 'story' published, no water anywhere near Major Ratchayothin


Not for nothing is “The Nation” newspaper known as Thailand’s worst English language newspaper. Full of poorly written articles by “journalists” who wouldn’t know how to write a real news article if a western journalist stood in front of them and dictated every word, to say that what comes out in The Nation isn’t news is a massive understatement. During Bangkok’s floods though, The Nation garbage has become so bad, there isn’t 10% of the paper that’s even remotely believable. But, I had to laugh at its latest “headline” on The Nation website – “Floodwater Approaching Major Ratchayothin”.

According to The Nation, ”
As of Tuesday morning, The Kasetsart-Paholyothin Intersection has been inundated by floodwater. And the water is seen rising toward the road in front of Major Ratchayothin Intersection.

The Kasetsar-Paholyothin Intersection is about 40 centimetres to 50 cm under water but the underpass at the intersection is still passable as of Tuesday morning.

The road from Kasetsart Intersection to Bang Bua bridge is about 40 to 50 cm under water.


Funny, I was just at Major Ratchayothin ONE HOUR after this Nation “article” was written and, no, there’s no water anywhere near the Major Ratchayothin Intersection or as far as the eye can see from it, in any direction.

So, don’t believe what you read in The Nation. What with their abysmal English skills and insistence on publishing untrue rumors, you might as well buy the newspaper and use it for your indoor pets to pee on. That’s what I do.

Meanwhile, if you want the real news, read the spoof website Not the Nation. At least they don’t even pretend to be telling the truth.