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Is Thailand’s Electricity Shortage Getting Worse?

Typical Thailand electricity lines - scary, eh?

Thailand’s electricity shortage seems to be getting worse. When we first reported constant power cuts and a Thai electricity shortage several months ago, we were experiencing power cuts about once a week. In the last month, power cuts in Bangkok, where we live,  are now 2-3 times a week,  every week, and other westerners we know are reporting the same number of cuts. This afternoon’s power cut lasted for more than 30 minutes.

With an obvious electricity shortage, how will Thailand be able to continue its rapid economic growth? Cut electricity to houses and apartments to funnel power to factories and manufacturing plants instead?

Hardly the sign of an economically stable and developing country, now is it?

For more information, there’s an interesting scientific paper predicting Thailand’s shortage of power will get worse, written by professors at two Thai universities. While the English in the paper is absolutely abysmal, the professors seem to have the right idea, and you’ll get the gyst of it  just by reading between the poorly-written lines.  Forecast a Shortage of Power in Thailand.