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Mass Confusion on Bangkok Terror Plot with Government Seeming to Have Little Clue

Screenshot of The Nation's story about 'many accomplices'


As the mess that is Thailand’s attempt at a terrorist investigation continues to muddle on, there’s still mass confusion as to what it’s all about. The Nation is reporting Thai police are now saying the Lebanese man arrested last week, Atris Hussein, may have had “many accomplices”, including some Thais. But, in true Thai fashion, having an “accomplice” could mean Hussein stopped and bought some som tam from someone on the street – that’s how poor Thai police investigative skills often are.

The government too has added to the confusion with seemingly no idea what’s going on, and varying people making conflicting statements depending on their mood at the moment. That mess finally culminated in the Thai government chastizing the US embassy for releasing information about possible terrorist attacks, as it “damaged Thailand’s tourism”.

Meanwhile, police say Hussein, 47, has confessed to storing large amounts of ammonia nitrate and urea fertiliser at a shop house in Samut Sakhon, from where he was planning to export it to a third country to be used for terrorist attacks. In Thailand, he now faces the charge of possessing prohibited substances.

Oddly too, police initially said Hussein had confessed to being the owner of the ammonia nitrate and urea fertiliser and had even said he often used to drive around Bangkok taking photos of locations that could possibly be the target of a terrorist attack. But, when he was formally charged with possessing prohibited substances, Hussein denied all wrongdoing.

Sounds like somebody is lying, somewhere.

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