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No, Thailand’s Planking Monk Can’t Fly – But He Will Be Arrested and Charged

It’s always funny to read comments by Thai officials, some of whom have been educated outside Thailand, but still seem to have missed most of the 20th and 21st centuries. Such is the case of the famous “planking monk” and the officials who are now going after him.

With some of the funniest comments being made by these people, one Thai official actually said today he thought the photograph of the “planking monk” was worrisome as it could be misunderstood by people who didn’t know what “planking” was, and they might think he could fly. As this could be interpreted to mean he was showing off “supernatural powers”, it was troubling indeed.

So troubling is the Thai monk planking photograph to this Thai official, he’s filed a police complaint at the Crime Suppression Police Bureau against the monk. To most educated westerners, a slap on the wrists would have seemed more appropriate but Thais, coming from a country so obsessed with the law, punishing people and surpressing any type of individuality, unfortunately often resort to arrest, punishment and imprisonment. For minor offences and, in some cases, no offence at all.

Coming from a developed country, it’s often difficult for westerners to believe the poor level of education in most of Thailand, a country that’s behind much of the rest of south east Asia in how it educates its citizens, and a country where most of its people believe in superstitions no educated western would ever understand.

Meanwhile, the Thai monk, who probably just wanted to have a bit of fun will likely be arrested and charged. Boggles the mind, doesn’t it.