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People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) to Destroy Thailand’s Reputation with WEF Demonstration?

PAD thugs in 2008 armed with batons and golf clubs - copyright Mark Micallef, Creative Commons license


You have to wonder what’s wrong with the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) and its crazy leaders like Sondhi Limthongkul and Chamlong Srimuang. Not content to destroy Thailand’s reputation internationally by closing all of the country’s airports in 2008, damage that took years to recover from, now the PAD are at it again. This time they’ve decided having a massive protest by the yellow shirts (PAD) during the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Bangkok this week is the way to go. Selfish, greedy, rich old men who will stop at nothing to keep the power and the money they so obsessively hoard while damaging Thailand’s reputation so badly, other Thais may never have the opportunities they had.

And why is the PAD holding a protest tomorrow you might ask? As let’s face it, what they’re protesting about has nothing to do with the World Economic Forum. These fools and their even more idiotic followers seem to think the government’s new “Reconciliation Bill” should not pass. So they’re going to voice their concerns in front of world leaders. World leaders that have nothing to do with the bill or its passage. Stupid, poorly-educated, ignorant people indeed.

Of course, the PAD and many of the Democrats (read PAD in disguise) don’t like the Reconciliation Bill because they say it will grant amnesty to politicians and others who were involved in political rallies between September 15, 2005 and May 10, 2011 (in their poorly-educated minds, all they can think of is “it will grant amnesty to Thaksin”). Being the ignorant people many of the PAD obviously are, though, they seem to have ignored the fact that, if the Reconciliation Bill was to pass, it would also let many of the PAD themselves off the hook for all their illegal political protests during the same time.

Personally, let’s hope the PAD, Sonthi, Chamlong et al manage to stop the Reconciliation Bill passing. Then maybe somebody in Thailand’s Third-World-style judicial system will throw the book at these guys and many of their followers. They all belong in jail.

And as for Thailand’s reputation being damaged overseas yet again by these PAD protests. When foreign investors stay away in droves, Thais can think the idiots at the PAD who helped prove yet again Thailand is not a stable enough country to invest in. Thanks PAD. You must really hate your country, as you seem so desperate to see it collapse.



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