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Red Bull Heir, Vorayuth Yoovidhya, Did Coke Before Killing Police Officer in Drunk Driving Hit and Run

It seems things may just be about to get a lot worse for Red Bull heir, Vorayuth Yoovidhya, aged 27, who killed a police officer in Bangkok last month in a hit and run accident while driving his Ferrari.

Thai news media are now reporting the son of the late Red Bull tycoon, Chalerm Yoovidhya, had “done coke” and was legally drunk before he got into his car and attempted to drive it home. Thong Lor Police Station also reported Yoovidhya had not shown up at the police station yesterday to hear the charges against him. The use of illegal drugs and drunk driving is likely to be added to the list.

One has to wonder what is wrong with Thai society that so many of the children of the hi-so and wealthy seem to think behaving like this is okay? And, in what developed society (which, unfortunately, Thailand is not) would anyone, no matter who they are, just not show up at a police station to hear the charges against them and think this was acceptable too?

Of course, in true Thai style, the police are “considering confiscating his bail money and issuing an arrest warrant”.

Considering? In many other countries in the world, Vorayuth Yoovidhya would already be behind bars. Permanently, until his case came to court. As, with that kind of wealth, they would be considered a “flight risk”.

Unfortunately, Thailand cannot expect the children of its privileged and wealthy to behave any better than spoiled children who’s families will “get them out of trouble” as long as the legal system stays the way it is. After all, when the legal system protects useless people like this while happily going after the poor and underprivileged, let’s face it – “Som nam naa”. You get what you deserve.

All I know is, until this case is resolved in the legal manner it should be, I will no longer be drinking Red Bull.

Update — November, 2018

After several years of Vorayuth Yoovidhya ‘getting away with murder’, he was allowed to leave the country on a trip by Thai authorities and, of course, promptly disappeared.

Six months ago, he was reported to have been seen in England. New demands are now being given to the Thai police, asking them to act in this matter, although a public prosecutor in the foreign affairs department is reported to have said Thai police have made zero progress in the case.