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Security Forces Command of Royal Thai Air Force in New Training Program (Video)


The Security Forces Command of the Royal Thai Air Force has been recruiting soldiers for its Special Operations Division after Thailand was hit with a bombing incident earlier in the month. But with the training being so intensive, stressful and, quite frankly, brutal, out of the 26 soldiers originally recruited for the five-month Special Operations training less than a month ago, 9 have already dropped out.

Overall, the military in Thailand is poorly-trained compared to most western militaries. In fact, American soldiers and commanders, after training with Thai soldiers in international military exercises, have stressed repeatedly that training needs to be drastically improved if they are to face the challenges they could see in coming years.

The Special Operations Division in Thailand begins its training with three days of training they call “Hell Days”. The training consists of not only physical tests, but mental too, with the division presuming if applicants can get through these three days, there’s a much better chance they can complete the entire five-month course.

In a short video and through mainly still photographs, the Bangkok Post gives us a peek into some of what this new training entails, with one soldier already in the training providing the voice over about his ordeal.