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Should SNL Rosetta Stone Parody be Taken Off YouTube? Thai Govt Says ‘Yes’

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You’ve got to love the Thai government of Yingluck Shinawatra. Instead of spending their time on issues that are of vital importance to the nation, one of their goals this week is to get a Saturday Night Live video taken off YouTube. Yes, you read that correctly. The Thai government says it’s going to ask YouTube to delete a 90-second video spoof of the language program ‘Rosetta Stone’ because it’s offensive to Thailand.

That’s because, in the spoof, Rosetta Stone is teaching loser soon-to-be sexpat western men how to speak Thai — so they can communicate with Thai prostitutes when they get to Thailand.

The Saturday Night Live segment includes phrases in Thai like ‘How much?” and “Is that for the whole night?”– obvious references to Thailand’s world-famous sex industry. The Thai government says they are going to inform the American Embassy that the video is “tarnishing Thailand’s image”.

More than the hundreds of Thai prostitutes easily visible in Patpong, Soi Cowboy and Nana in Bangkok and in places like Pattaya and Phuket — apparently. You’d have to laugh, if it wasn’t so darned sad.

Let’s face it, anyone who has lived in Thailand for any length of time knows this is still a Third World country. Third World in mentality, at any rate. Freedom of speech does not exist here. People are put in jail for saying something negative about the king, movies are banned if they are deemed ‘offensive to Thai culture’ and even popular soap operas are stopped from being broadcast if they are just a little bit too close to the truth for the Thai government to handle.

And yes, YouTube videos are censored.

That Thailand is now close to the bottom of the list for countries with freedom of speech — no, not surprising at all.

But, that the Thai government would actually waste their time trying to get a video comedy spoof taken off YouTube, especially when the Saturday Night Live TV show it came from has already been watched by around 10 million people is simply astoundingly stupid and shows quite glaringly how ill-educated and Third World-backward many of the Thai people in government are.

Of course, the Thai ‘sheeple’ are also out in force. All over YouTube now, leaving comments about the video and how it’s offensive to Thailand and to Thai women. What most of them don’t seem to understand, and that’s because few Thais understand English particularly well, is the video isn’t even making fun of Thailand. It’s making fun of the loser sexpat western men that come here looking for cheap sex because they can’t get it at home, so have to pay for it.

Seriously, Thailand, Thais and the Thai government. Grow up. Grow a brain and stop acting like you were brought up in the rice fields. You want people to take you and your country seriously? Then start acting like First World citizens and not a group of backward fools with less than three brain cells to rub together to spark an opinion.

After all, most of us wouldn’t even have heard of the YouTube Saturday Night Live Rosetta Stone spoof until the Thai government started getting irate about it. Now that video is about to go viral and millions more will watch it. Well done Yingluck and your group of poorly-educated cronies. You really are a credit to Thailand.