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Andrew Lister, Son of London’s Deputy Mayor Dies in Thailand After Full Moon Party

Fire dancer at a full Moon Party on Koh Phangan, Thailand - copyright re-ality, Creative Commons


Over the last few years, due to high murder rates of Britons in Thailand, political upheaval, bombings and bird flu, the British Embassy has rated Thailand as one of the most dangerous places in the world for Britons to travel.  That rating is likely to go up a notch more after yet another Briton dies in Thailand – this time, Andrew Lister the 28-year old son of London’s deputy mayor, Sir Edward Lister. Lister died in southern Thailand on September 12th after attending a Full Moon Party.

Reports from Koh Phangan, where Lister was staying, say he was drinking with his friends at their guesthouse when he collapsed.  Attempts were made to revive him but they failed. Andrew Lister was then taken to a local hospital.

The problem with the death of a Briton in Thailand though is, even if his father is an important official like Sir Edward, that the Lister family will ever get the truth about his death or why he died is slim to none.

Thai autopsies and Thai forensice are notoriously poor, and heart attacks are routinely put down as the cause of death for shootings, road accidents and numerous other negative situations where a cover up is necessary.

Once the Thai cover-up starts, which it always seems to do when a foreigner dies in Thailand, the lies will just get bigger and the true reason why Andrew Lister died will never be discovered.

Of course, Thai authorities are currently saying he died of a heart attack. Lister was 28-years old.  You be the judge.

Deputy Mayor’s son dies in ThailandThe Independent