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Sorry Thailand – Banned TV Commercial (Video) Should Be Seen By All Thais


As per usual, the Thai Censorship Board, one of the most repressive censorship organizations in the world has stuck its oar in again, this time banning a TV commercial that was made to try to make sense of what Thailand has gone through with the yellow shirts and red shirts and to get people in Thailand to work together.

That a TV commercial, called ‘Sorry Thailand’ was deemed offensive by the Thai Censorship Board, shows how far removed these people are from reality and how much they just want to keep their own power.

The ad was made by a group called “Positive Network”, which is made up, as they say, of “people from many professions such as advertising, PR, event, regional  community representatives, [corporate] companies, government officials and academics from all across the country.” They all got together in an effort to help Thailand, and the Censorship Board’s banning of the TV commercial was the result.

Of course the trash on Thai TV like the Thai lakorns (soap operas – note the two women in part of the ‘Sorry Thailand’ ad slapping one another – that’s the beauty of a Thai lakorn) are deemed ‘acceptable’, while something that might actually help Thais isn’t

The Censorship Board too didn’t even have the courage to say the TV ad was banned. Instead they lied about it being “edited”, and had forced the producers to remove….

Scenes to be removed include those of protesters torching public property [on May 19], security officers holding weapons and getting ready to fire them, some pornographic images, some deemed offensive to religious institutions, images of protesters [both yellow shirts and red shirts] gathering in political rallies in a way that might trigger a state of unrest or affect national unity or internal security.

Controversial ad ‘not banned’“, Bangkok Post, July 21, 2010

Once you take all that out, there’s not a whole heck of a lot left now, is there?

And Thais wonder why their country remains on the list of the worst countries in the world for freedom of speech.

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