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Tak Bongkot’s Big Mouth on Facebook Proves How Ignorant and Stupid She Is

photo copyright Curtis Winston, Creative Commons License

In a Facebook posting about the late Ampon Tangnoppakul, alias Ah Kong or Uncle tSMS, this week, Thai actress Tak Bongkot (Bongkoj Khongmalai) showed herself to be ignorant, poorly educated and, quite frankly, stupid.

She also proved, if you care about human rights in Thailand, the last movie or TV series you should ever watch is one that features Tak Bongkot. After all, she seems to believe basic human rights like freedom of speech should not exist — oh wait, unless of course it’s Tak Bongkot’s big mouth that demands its freedom of speech, that is.

The hoopla began when, after the death last week of Ah Kong in a Bangkok prison where he was incarcerated for violating Thailand’s lese majeste laws (sending 4 text messages that were derogatory about the Thai royal family although Ah Kong always said he did not send the texts nor even knew how to send a text message), Tak Bongkot thought she should comment about it.

So, on her Facebook page, she said the country would be better off now that Ah Kong was dead, and that he would surely be in hell.

Yes, idiocy and stupidity like this abounds in Thailand — the land of the brainwashed and the poorly educated — and Tak Bongkot deserves a prize as one of the most brain-dead the country has to offer.

Because, of course, the death of a sick old man who was put into prison for 20 years for a crime that in a developed country wouldn’t even exist has made Thailand a much better place. So much so that many westerners I know now won’t even book a vacation to Thailand, as they refuse to support a country with such terrible human rights.

Tak Bongkot —  a prime example that being beautiful doesn’t mean you are kind, or that being famous means you are intelligent or can think for yourself.

What a terrible advertisement she is for Thailand and for Thais. She should be ashamed of herself.