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Thai Academics Urge Government to Delist World Heritage Sites – Stupidity Knows No Bounds

The World Heritage Site of Ayuttayah - had you heard of it before it was given World Heritage designation?

If you spend any time involved in Thailand’s education system, you realize quickly how bad it is. Things like common sense, rational thought and logic are not taught in Thai schools so, overall, most Thais are poor at them.

This, unfortunately, continues on into universities and colleges so even Thai ‘academics’, if they’re not educated overseas, tend to be of a lower caliber and have poorer skill sets than their foreign counterparts. This can easily be seen in today’s news that Thai ‘academics’ are asking the government to delist Thailand’s World Heritage Sites. This because Thailand didn’t win the Preah Vihear temple fight. Stupid is the first word that comes to mind. Typical Thai logic is the phrase.

The group of Thai ‘academics’ (and I have to put that word in quotes as, if you really believe delisting Thailand’s World Heritage sites is beneficial for the country, an academic is the last thing we should call you), want Thailand’s five World Heritage sites to be delisted as they say it’s a “meaningless tourist and travel symbol.” So, in actual reality, and not the reality going on in Thai ‘academics’ heads, how meaningless is this World Heritage designation and what’s the benefit to Thailand?

a) Being designated a World Heritage Site is free publicity for the country and the site. World-wide.

b) World Heritage Sites get funding from the WHC.

c) Because a site is a World Heritage site, it often gets funding from other international bodies,  for preservation, restoration, promotion and education. Money it would not get if it wasn’t a World Heritage site.

d) An international designation conveys upon a World Heritage site a stature that announces to the world how precious and important—and worth visiting—a country’s heritage resources are.

But…..a group of Thai academics want Thailand to lose all these benefits as they say they haven’t received any benefit from the WHC.

Put it this way, I for one had never heard of Ayuttayah or Sukhothai until they became listed as WH sites. Much of the rest of the world likely hadn’t heard of them either.  I visited them because they were World Heritage sites. If they hadn’t have been, I wouldn’t have bothered.

All this World Heritage mess shows is how clueless so many people in authority in Thailand are, and how their insistence on dragging the country backwardsover things such as petty squabbles with Thailand’s neighbors is going to damage Thailand for decades.

If Thailand cannot improve its education system, the ability of most of its people to apply any kind of logic to any sort of system, and remove some of the power from its so-called ‘authorities’, (many of whom are people who should have retired years ago), it’s doomed to continue to go backwards.

Delisting Thailand’s World Heritage Sites. Clueless doesn’t even begin to describe the stupidity of that act.

Meanwhile, countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Vietnam and, yes,  Cambodia are rapidly moving forward. Leaving Thailand in the dust.


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