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Thai Authorities say “Terrorist Attacks Called Off” – Are They Really This Stupid?



Screenshot from The Nation's story saying "terrorist attack called off"


You have to laugh at Thai authorities who, if they were any more naive, would have the mental facilities of a five-year-old. Case in point — after the US Embassy tipped off the Thai government that several terrorist attacks could take place in Bangkok in the coming weeks, executed by the terrorist group Hezbollah, first the Thais tried to down play it and, then yesterday, announced “terrorist attacks have been called off”. In any other country in the world, this type of statement would be treated with incredulity and disgust. In Thailand? It’s business as usual.

According to the police chief, Pol General Priewpan Damapong, after the Thai authorities arrested one Lebanese man suspected to be a terrorist, he told them “the plan had been called off because authorities learned about it”. And they actually expect people to believe this?

The people at the US Embassy must be banging their heads against the wall in frustration, that people can be this stupid.

But, as we all know, the only reason this ridiculous statement was made was to “save the tourist industry” as, for Thailand, getting tourists to come here (read “getting their money”) often seems to take precedence over their safety and security.


Special note – What’s even funnier about this ridiculous story, is Thailand’s two main English language newspapers actually reported it as “fact”. The Bangkok Post eventually took the story down. The Nation, Thailand’s “nearly English language newspaper” kept it up. Stupidity in Thailand really does know no bounds.

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