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Thai Govt Being Scammed By Israelis Over Bangkok Bombings? Mossad the Real Culprits?

Most westerners who have spent any time in Thailand know that the Thai government, whichever one is in power, can be naive when it comes to believing what they are told by other governments.

So to hear the Thai government is now taking seriously the claims by Israel that Tuesday’s bombings in Bangkok were supposed to be targeted at Israelis diplomats — well, it’s not surprising.

As many Westerners are now saying, both inside and outside Thailand, that Iran had anything to do with Tuesday’s Bangkok bombings is highly suspect.

What’s even more suspect is,  after Israel has tried to force the United States to commit to a bombing campaign against Iran and failed, now all of a sudden Israeli diplomats are being targeted in foreign countries? Our bullshit meter is going off so loud it’s deafening.

What makes an Israeli connection to the Bangkok bombings far more likely than an Iranian one are two things. First, let’s face it, no smart terrorist would be caught dead with a passport from the country they are a citizen of when dealing with explosives.

So that the bombers in Bangkok on Tuesday just oh so conveniently had Iranian passports on them when captured by police, only those who are naive would believe this so quickly.

Mossad, Israel’s version of the CIA, however, has a history of using foreign passports ie: non-Israeli when it travels to assassinate ‘enemies of Israel’. According to Haaretz, a Jewish newspaper, the Times of London even reported on it.

Secondly, if Israeli diplomats are suddenly being targeted, why are they being targeted in non-first-world countries like Thailand, India and Georgia, instead of places like Spain, the United Kingdom, or Germany?

Simple. Because police in a more developed country would have sniffed out Israel’s connection to the bombings in a heart beat, something no Thai police officer will ever be able to do. They are sadly just not well-trained enough.

But, as always happens in Thailand, a country severely lacking in a good education system, Thai officials will make decisions based on face-value and nothing else and Israel will succeed in putting the fear of god into them.

Security will increase, they will keep proclaiming to the world that the targets of Tuesday’s Bangkok bombings were Israeli, and while Israeli officials dance a victory dance in their offices, Thailand’s reputation and its tourist economy will continue to suffer.

Finally, remember this. According to Victor Ostrovsky, a former Mossad agent who defected, Mossad’s motto is “By way of deception thou shalt do war”.

That just about sums up what Israel is trying to do in Thailand. It is a pity the Thais seem to be letting them win.