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Thai Logic or the Lack Thereof – Why Do Logic Skills Not Exist in Thailand?

The PAD's posters asking people just to vote "No" in the general election were a good example of "Thai logic". Just vote "No" but....er, we're not offering any alternatives.


I should start this by saying ‘Thai logic’ doesn’t really exist as, if most Thais actually had ‘logic’ skills there would be no reason to talk about it. And no, it’s not that Thais are any less-intelligent than any other nationality (although according to a Thai newspaper article, the average Thai student’s IQ is less than the world median) , but that the lack of logic  is more likely a product of Thailand’s abysmal education system. That being said, ‘Thai logic’ is a sight to behold on a good day and, on a day when you’re already pissed off, Thai logic just pushes you further and further towards the edge.

Case in point, Thai logic at 9am this morning. It’s Saturday, most people in my apartment building sleep later than on a weekday, so 9am is around the time people are getting up, making coffee, eating breakfast and, yes, wanting to take a shower.

At 9:15 this morning, I stepped into my shower, turned the water on, put shampoo on my hair and started to work up a nice lather. And then……. the water went out. I waited a couple of minutes, tried all the faucets, got out of the shower, tried the sink faucet – nope, no water.

With a head full of shampoo, and not even having begun to soap my body yet, I was forced to finish my shower by pouring cold bottles of drinking water over myself (thank heavens I had some). Then I called downstairs to the reception desk.

Yes, the water had been turned off (no apologies, in typical Thai fashion) as they needed to do maintenance on the pipes. How  long would it be off? THREE OR FOUR HOURS!!

Now, logic in almost any other country would suppose a) you do maintenance on pipes when most of the building’s occupants have already showered, and left for the day, not on a weekend when everybody is home and hasn’t showered yet and b) if the water was going to be turned off for an extended period of time, you’d inform the whole building before it happened.


This is the second time the water has been turned off on a weekend morning in my building. Both times with no warning. And yes today, it didn’t get turned back on until 2pm. God knows what those people who weren’t even able to take a shower before the water disappeared did.

Thai logic, or lack thereof, seems to have no thought for the consequences of an action, for the inconvenience to other people, or even for the ability to run a successful business or provide a valuable service. In my ten years living in Thailand, I can pretty much guarantee, nine times out of ten, if I get good service, provided in a logical, rational manner, and one that actually makes sense, the people who provide it are Japanese, Korean or Singaporean. They are most definitely not Thai.

Yes, Thais are lovely but the vast majority are absolutely crap at applying any type of logic skill to any situation, and as fast as the country is ‘developing’, that does not seem to be changing. As can be attested to by the thousands of articles and posts all over the internet, wondering what the hell is wrong with ‘Thai logic’?