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Thai Military Junta Threatening Shutdown of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube in Thailand

thailand military junta censorship twitter facebook youtbe


The Thai military junta that announced a military coup in Thailand just over seven hours ago, is already censoring everything they can, and warning Thais to self-censor or they’ll do it for them. So far, according to reports on Twitter, several hundred websites have been shut down, thousands of TV and radio stations are gone, and now the Thai military junta is threatening the shutdown of social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube in Thailand.

Weirdly, they also seem to think the owners of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube will cave in to their demands to censor any posts or videos that are in opposition to the new Thai military junta rule, or that might impinge on ‘peace’. Or at least, that’s what they’re now asking them to do.

Seriously? Are these old men that head up Thailand’s Third World-style military as outdated as the Thai military machine itself? Do they honestly think they can bully Twitter, Facebook and YouTube into deleting content the Thai military junta doesn’t approve of?

If it wasn’t so pathetic and sad, and tragic for Thailand’s democracy, you’d have to laugh.

As for anyone who might be in Thailand and worried about not being able to access Twitter, Facebook or YouTube, just download Expat Shield – a fabulous and free VPN that will allow you to access anything Thailand’s military junta attempts to block for as long as they block it.