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Thai Police Clear PDRC Protest Sites in Bangkok (Video)

thai police protest pdrc bangkok


 Riot police begin to clear anti-government protest sites in Bangkok

Thai police cleared some PDRC protest sites in Bangkok on Friday after the Pheu Thai government decided it was time to start getting the remaining anti-government protesters off the streets. Police say more protest sites will be cleared this week.

PDRC anti-government protests have been winding down in the last two weeks as protesters have left the sites and gone back to their normal lives, and protest leaders have shut down some protest sites themselves. That’s why police decided this was a good time to clear some PDRC protest sites, as they would come up against less resistance, and have less chance of violence or injury to themselves or the protesters, if they did.

What was once the PDRC’s main protest site around Government House and Royal Plaza was shut down by early afternoon on Friday, and cleaning crews moved in to get rid of the mess protesters left behind.

On Thursday, a government minister, Chalerm Ubumrung, told news media protest leader Suthep Thaugsuban was “nearly destroyed” and stressed that protesters had failed to “shutdown Bangkok” as they had promised they would do in January.

Meanwhile, life continues on in Bangkok as it always does, while dwindling numbers of anti-government protesters remain in protest sites dotted around the capital, the vast majority of Thais simply manoeuvre around them.