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Thai Prime Minister, Yingluck Shinawatra, in Hospital Suffering From Food Poisoning


As if poor Yingluck Shinawatra, Prime Minister of Thailand, doesn’t already have enough problems, what with Bangkok flooding and the abuse from the Democrats, The Bangkok Post is now reporting she’s been admitted to hospital because of food poisoning.  Yingluck was admitted to Pra Ram 9 Hospital in Bangkok early this morning, after food poisoning symptoms emerged.

Funny though, in Thailand, which many foreigners think of as a conservative society, when someone gets sick, the gory details are often reported in all their glory. Whereas in the west, if a prime minister or president was taken ill, we’d just hear it was “due to food poisoning”, in Thailand we get to know Yingluck had diarrhea too.

When I used to teach in Bangkok, I remember going to school one day and being told by the admin staff my Thai co-teacher wouldn’t be in that day as he had “food poisoning”. The lady then went on to tell me he’d been up all night throwing up and his diarrhea was all green and smelly.

Seriously. Too much information.

Meanwhile, we wish Yingluck Shinawatra a very quick recovery, and hope she feels better soon.